I’m Laila, but I go by the name Spazzy Newton on the internet. 

I’m from Bergen, Norway, where I work full time as a piercer. In my spare time I love drawing and designing things. I started out making mostly pop-culture related things, but recently I’ve been finding a lot more joy in creating more original art.

I love all things sci-fi, spooky, witchy, weird and occult. I have yet to find a consistant style or theme with my art and designs, but I will let you know if that ever changes. It’s too much fun to experiment with different styles, and just make whatever makes me happy. Life is too short for anything else!

For now all of this is just a hobby, but I hope to some day be able to do create things I like full time. 

Want to get to know me more? Follow me on instagram for works in progress and other random things I like to post. 

See you around!